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We belief that all individuals should have a home that provides them with a stable family environment in order to overcome challenges and barriers of society.




We offer expertise in working with distressed families, children, unruly adolescents, individuals with various psychological diagnoses, victims of sexual exploitation and parents in need of parenting skills.  

What We Do

Our organization has some of the most qualified and truly genuine professionals in the industry. Exceeding 50 years combine history of professional expertise, Magnolia Behavioral Health has enjoyed the continuity of transforming lives.picture


Services We Offer

Magnolia Behavioral Health, Inc. is devoted to high quality services and has established a Quality Assurance Team who ensures adherence to agency and ethical standards in service delivery.


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New website launched
February 22, 2011

Approval for 501 (c)(3)

DeKalb County Collaborative Forum on Homeless (July 22)